Samir’s Selection 07/15/2017 (a.m.)

  • IF YOU give a balloon a modest electric charge—by rubbing it on your jumper, say—you can stick it to the ceiling, thereby both delighting small children and revealing a basic truth about the universe: electromagnetic forces are much stronger than gravitational ones.

    tags: physics reality nature universe mystery knowledge constant

  • A TAXONOMY of planets is emerging fast. On June 19th a group of researchers led by Andrew Howard of the California Institute of Technology divided bodies smaller than Neptune into two classes, based on both their current composition and a consequent presumption about how they formed. Now, another group of astronomers, led by Vardan Adibekyan of the Astrophysics and Space Science Institute in Porto, Portugal, have performed a similar trick on gas giants, the largest type of planet, which are represented in the solar system by Jupiter and Saturn.

    tags: planetary astronomy solarsystem

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