Samir’s Selection 06/20/2017 (p.m.)

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    Britain on its own will count for little in deciding how the west deals with the threats that face us.

    We will be part of Nato, yes. But as the US withdraws from global leadership, can we rely on the alliance for anything more than territorial defence? US behaviour is not just a question of Donald Trump: he is the consequence of America’s changing attitude to the world, not its cause. The regions the US has protected since 1945 have to determine their own defence and security. That includes Europe.

    I welcome Emmanuel Macron’s offer to keep the door open for a UK change of heart, but sadly I doubt that our current leaders will countenance a strategic rethink. So, as we exit the EU, we need to remain joined to our continental partners, not just through Nato but in the painstaking work of building a common foreign and security policy.

    Various solutions are at hand. But I see little effort to find one that enables Britain and the whole of Europe to benefit from our talents. if we can no longer help shape the world, others will do it for us. And Britain will have to lump the consequences.

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    There are ways to fix things. Consumers might own the rights to their own data streams. Labour laws could be revised so that tech firms cannot deny benefits to workers who are clearly full- time (another interesting idea being floated in policy circles is that independent contractors should own IP they create on the job). Portable healthcare and pensions not tied to full-time employment would make it a little easier for the new freelance workforce to “always be hustlin’,” as Mr Kalanick put it.

    Ultimately, the Silicon Valley monopolies should be broken up, as every other natural monopoly, from railroads to telephones to utilities, was before. It won’t happen soon.

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