Samir’s Selection 02/02/2016 (a.m.)

  • [while] Mr Sanders has built his campaign on a jeremiad against wealth inequality and corporate greed, he isn’t, propertly speaking, a socialist—or even a democratic socialist. The better term encapsulating Mr Sanders’ positions is “social democrat”, a label that jibes with his rather mainstream embrace of “private companies that thrive and grow in America” and belief that “the middle class and the working families who produce the wealth of America deserve a fair deal”. To clarify matters, Mr Sanders flatly disavows the very heart of socialism as defined by Karl Marx: “I don’t believe government should own the means of production”, he says.

    So socialists dreaming of sweeping government takeovers of industry and the abolition of private property may have to recruit another candidate. Mr Sanders will give you guaranteed health care, make college free and boost your hourly wage to a minimum of $15, if he can assemble a coalition to do all those things, but he’ll let you keep your house and your dog and will not seek to undermine the bourgeois institutions of marriage, family or religion. He will not take your babies at birth and raise them collectively in dormitories.

    tags: socialism communism Marx BernieSanders explainer USpolitics socialdemocracy

  • “… research on authoritarianism is extremely sensitive, since it began after World War II, when psychologists and social scientists wanted to understand how so many people could support repressive, homicidal dictatorships in Europe and elsewhere.

    “I’m not saying they’re fascists,” MacWilliams said of Trump’s supporters, “but authoritarians obey.”

    tags: authoritarian conservative USpolitics DonaldTrump appeal order

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