Samir’s Selection 01/19/2016 (p.m.)

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    • Ed Miliband was not judged to be as strong a leader as David Cameron, an internal Labour report into why the party lost the 2015 election has found.
    • Other factors identified were failures in economic and immigration policy and the fear of the SNP propping up Labour.
    • The report said Labour faced a “huge challenge” to win again in 2020.
    • The report concludes that the party needs a massive upswing in its fortunes in England and Scotland if it is to be returned to power in five years time
    • It urges the party to do more to appeal to older voters and to construct a clear “policy narrative” that can be sold to the public.
      • Pollsters and activists on the doorstep consistently heard four reasons for the party’s defeat, it concluded


        • Ed Miliband wasn’t judged to be as strong a leader as David Cameron

        • A failure to shake off “the myth” that Labour was responsible for the financial crash and failure to build trust on the economy

        • An inability to deal with the issues of “connection” and, in particular, failing to convince on benefits and immigration

        • The fear of the SNP “propping up” a minority Labour government
    • “It is the fate of every Labour leader of the opposition to be the target of ferocious attack from partisans sections of the media,” it said. “However, Ed Miliband faced an exceptionally vitriolic and personal attack.”
    • The report says assumptions that Labour lost the election because it was too left-wing and because its policies were unpopular was overly simplistic and should be treated with caution, pointing out that the party’s most radical initiatives – such as an energy price freeze and mansion tax on expensive properties – were among those most liked by the public.
    • But it says Labour lacked a consistent over-arching theme and struggled to communicate its approach to the voters in contrast to the “brutal simplicity of the Tories and UKIP”.
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