Samir’s Selection 08/25/2015 (p.m.)

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    • There are a number of explanations for the increasing number of people who resent mainstream politicians.
    • As well as a long-term fall in the levels of deference, sceptics point to spin doctors, focus groups, heavily managed public appearances and mainstream politicians’ use of vacuous, scripted language.
    • Campaign finance scandals also create mistrust.
    • Aware that they are distrusted, some politicians try to connect with voters by emoting in public.

      When Hilary Clinton was performing worse that expected in the 2008 New Hampshire Democratic Party primary contest, she broke down in tears on TV.

      Analysts at the time said that moment helped her to secure victory in the state.

    • But even some of President Mujica’s allies said that their leader’s undimmed idealism did not turn into as many practical reforms as they had hoped for.

      And for all Mujica’s impassioned and heartfelt denunciations of consumerism, most Uruguayans were just as materialistic at the end of his term in office as they were at the start.

      Many admire authentic politicians. But those who stay true to their beliefs and manage to win power still face the challenge of turning their ideas into implementable policy.

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