Samir’s Selection 06/04/2015 (a.m.)

  • But Philip Roth’s point remains the essential one. The “human stain” spreads and implicates us all. None of us is entirely free from doubtful desires and few of us from any dubious acts; those with minors or by force or coercion are always wrong—as are other acts that destroy or damage someone’s else’s humanity; most everything else has a good shot at being merely human. In that realm, puritanical shows of disdain for other men and women’s weakness are guaranteed to be met, sooner or later, by the exposure of our own. Nobody, other than the novelists, gets sex and power quite right. It can’t be done. At least the particular kind of hypocrisy that the Republicans calling for impeachment represented—men of unconsidered appetite pretending to be men of self-imposed reticence—seems likely to be at an end. We should be alert to the power relations in the people we have sex with; we shouldn’t spy on or persecute other people…

    tags: sex hypocrisy power morality exploitation BillClinton MonicaLewinsky scandal AdamGopnik

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