Samir’s Selection 01/12/2015 (a.m.)

  •  “If you don’t like the freedom [we enjoy in the Netherlands], for heaven’s sake, pack your suitcase and leave,” he said in an interview with the Dutch television news broadcaster NOS. “If you can’t handle it here, because you can’t handle humorists who put out a newspaper—well, let me put it this way: piss off.”

    tags: quote freeexpression freedom culture tolerance Europe

  • For the language learner, the networked nature of languages poses an interesting dilemma: should you learn a language popular among global elites? The tradition of learning French still looks like a good bet here. Or should you learn a language whose number of globetrotting bilinguals is small relative to its importance? Supply and demand says that this will be valuable. This is the real case for learning Chinese: not because it is the rising global language, but because it isn’t—at least certainly not yet.

    tags: language influencing fame culture bilingual connection

  • “Nothing Sacred” was the motto on the banner of the cartoonists who died, and who were under what turned out to be the tragic illusion that the Republic could protect them from the wrath of faith. “Nothing Sacred”: we forget at our ease, sometimes, and in the pleasure of shared laughter, just how noble and hard-won this motto can be. 

    tags: CharlieHebdo freeexpression satire France culture cartoon AdamGopnik intolerance religion faith

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