Samir’s Selection 10/24/2014 (p.m.)

  • THE best way to understand a system is to look at it from the point of view of people who want to subvert it. 1. The first principle of skiving (or shirking, as Americans call it) is always to appear hard at work… Successful skivers never visibly shy away from work: confronted with the inevitable they make a point of looking extremely eager. .. 2. The second principle is that information technology is both the slacker’s best friend and his deadliest enemy… do everything you can to hide your browsing history. 3. The third principle is that you should always try to get a job where there is no clear relation between input and output. 4. The final principle of skiving is that you should not allow your preference for leisure to limit your ambition… Skiving is most prevalent at the very top and bottom of the pay scale. A Finnish study in 2010 found that the people who reported the most “empty labour” earned more than €80,000 ($112,000) a year while the runners-up earned less than €20,000. It can be hard to begin your climb up the greasy pole without making some effort: the trick is to be brimming over with clever ideas for other people to execute.

    tags: skiving shirking work employment culture workethics funny

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