Samir’s Selection 07/07/2014 (p.m.)

  • Amy Wrzesniewski and Barry Schwartz: If a scientist conducts research because she wants to discover important facts about the world, that’s an INTERNAL motive, since discovering facts is inherently related to the activity of research. If she conducts research because she wants to achieve scholarly renown, that’s an INSTRUMENTAL motive, since the relation between fame and research is not so inherent. INSTRUMENTAL motives are not always an asset and can actually be counterproductive to success…Our study suggests that efforts should be made to structure activities so that INSTRUMENTAL consequences do NOT become motives. Helping people focus on the meaning and impact of their work, rather than on, say, the financial returns it will bring, may be the best way to improve not only the quality of their work but also – counterintuitive though it may seem – their financial success.Rendering an activity more attractive by emphasizing both internal and instrumental motives to engage in it is completely understandable, but it may have the unintended effect of weakening the internal motives so essential to success.

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  • 1. some people tend to senesce, or grow older, more rapidly than others, and some more slowly2. the children of people who senesce more slowly tend to live longer than other people3. Not only will living to 100 become more common one day, longevity experts say, but the quality of life in the final decades might also be drastically improved, reducing the burdens imposed by an aging population.4. Longevity scientists say the key to extending healthy life lies in focusing on aging itself rather than on aging-related diseases…5. scientists are optimistic that the number of years of healthy life – or “health span” – of humans can be significantly increased and the infirmities associated with aging reduced6. people who live longer generally look younger than other people of their age…7. for the most part a face is a window onto a person’s overall health… “The face picks up a lot of risk factors for health, such as tobacco smoking (wrinkles around the mouth); excessive alcohol consumption (larger nose); and excessive exposure to the sun (early brown spots and wrinkling) as well as stress”…8. Good habits:

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