Samir’s Selection 06/10/2014 (p.m.)

  • Struggling to wrest control of the narrative…

    Some of this motive informs almost all writing — you are finally having your say, getting the last word in, telling them all How It Is. Certainly some of my own essays have been efforts to better articulate my side of a continuing dialogue or argument I’d been too slow-witted or timid to formulate in real time. Writing is an artificial arena in which to exercise control, where we can mash the world into a shape we can stand to look at. And control is inherently aggressive…

    Dispassion is a double-edged instrument: As a writer you can find empathy and compassion for someone who, in real life, gets on your nerves, but you can also look with unsympathetic lucidity at someone whom, as a fellow human being, you respect and love…

    Once you become genuinely interested in a subject it becomes very difficult to prevent yourself from writing about it — tact, privacy and personal loyalties notwithstanding. Interest is a kind of love, and love is without conscience, heedless of bounds or propriety. To an artist, people are, among other things, data. There is a part of you that isn’t necessarily cruel but isn’t especially nice, either — a part that just watches, and listens, and wants to know.

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