Samir’s Selection 08/05/2013 (p.m.)

  • “Why is the state’s role so important? The answer lies in the huge uncertainties, time spans and costs associated with fundamental, science-based innovation. Private companies cannot and will not bear these costs, partly because they cannot be sure to reap the fruits and partly because these fruits lie so far in the future….

    First, policy makers increasingly believe the myth that the state is only an obstacle, thereby depriving innovation of support and humanity of its best prospects for prosperity. Indeed, the scorn heaped on government also deprives it of the will and capacity to take entrepreneurial risks.

    Second, government has also increasingly accepted that it funds the risks, while the private sector reaps the rewards. What is emerging, then, is not a truly symbiotic ecosystem of innovation, but a parasitic one, in which the most lossmaking elements are socialised, while the profitmaking ones are largely privatised. Do ordinary taxpayers understand that their taxes fund the fundamental innovations that drive their economy?

    The failure to recognise the role of the government in driving innovation may well be the greatest threat to rising prosperity.”

    tags: innovation entrepreneurship policy publicpolicy risk technology medicine computing telecom internet economics propaganda MartinWolf

  • “Some things are so important we’ll have to commit them to memory even if we reach the age of universal digital retrieval. Here are a few of the life categories where memory will always beat digital lookups”

    tags: memory technology culture brain

  • “MPs must now take up this case. The justice select committee needs to establish the root of the commissioner’s inaction… Unless MPs take robust action, transparency will remain something ministers do to other people.”

    tags: FOI law UK publicpolicy

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