Samir’s Selection 07/15/2013 (p.m.)

  • “The government’s overhaul of competition law includes removing the requirement on prosecutors to prove that defendants acted dishonestly, which should make it easier for the CMA to bring criminal cases.
    “The dishonesty requirement was a significant impediment,” Lord Currie said. “Its removal should make it easier, along with better preparation of cases.”
    Criminal enforcement of cartels is one area where the OFT has attracted criticism after its only contested trial – that of four former and current executives of British Airways – collapsed in 2010. There has not been another price-fixing trial since, although there are at least three other criminal cartel investigations under way.”

    tags: CompetitionCommission CMA regulation competition law UK

  • “The impact on the mind of 21st-century technologies such as the internet, computer games and social media is Greenfield’s third and most controversial preoccupation. She is convinced that they are having a big effect on the way we process information, the degree to which we take risks, our interactions with others and even our own sense of identity.
    “I’m aware that this is very hostile territory and that people don’t want to hear the message – though the impact of new technologies is not all bad,” she says. “But what I don’t accept is people saying there’s no evidence. There’s masses of data coming out on the effects of new technologies on the brain and people who deny it must be on another planet.”
    Greenfield hands me a 20-page printout of references to such research papers. “My premise is that ‘mind change’ is comparable to climate change, as a controversial, multifaceted, pervasive global issue,” she says. She makes that point in a book on mind change to be published later this year.”

    tags: SusanGreenfield mind consciousness neuroscience Alzheimer’s socialmedia brain research

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