Samir’s Selection 07/01/2013 (p.m.)

  • “I found myself reading not for the enjoyment or value of reading, but simply to have read… 

     I have in mind the desire to have read which translates into seeing my RSS feed at zero. It is reading motivated by the pressures of keeping up with the digital news feed or fear of missing out.

    When this sort of reading is coupled with the desire, variously motivated, to share what has been read, then it becomes reading to have shared. And it’s not just reading, of course. All forms of online content are subject to this dynamic… 

    Thoughtless passivity is one of the problems that attends being a mere relay in a network…

    The other danger is what we could call the conditioned passivity of being merely a relay. This describes the subtle temptation to pass along information that will be well-received by your audience. This is not unlike the “filter bubble” problem in which our personalized streams of digital information enclose us within a filter bubble or echo chamber that mirrors and reinforces our prejudices and blind spots. “

    tags: reading sharing selfcontrol habit conditioning socialmedia selfawareness passivity filterbubble MichaelSacasas

  • Polling data (from 2007) collected for The Economist by Pew, a research body, shows that interest in free speech and fair elections is consistently greater among the middle classes than the poor in the 13 emerging countries surveyed… Yet exceptions abound…

    Mr Treisman thinks that a high growth rate, which benefits the middle class, can increase its support for a tough government. That could explain why Russia has grown at once richer and more autocratic. By the same logic, a sharp downturn can shake confidence. Mr Acemoglu says economic crises are far better predictors of a move to representative government than prosperity. The threat of bankruptcy may be the harbinger of democracy.

    tags: wealth economics crisis democracy protest freedom India-politics Brazil Turkey China politics

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