Samir’s Selection 06/09/2013 (a.m.)

  • But one thing I haven’t seen enough of in the coverage of the latest surveillance scandal is a reminder of what it is we’re afraid of when the government collects such immense amounts of data in sweeps of our personal information… The legitimate fear boils down to two things…

    The first is the possibility of illegitimate pressure based on information we didn’t intend to be made public.  Everyone has secrets…

    The second is the fear that a pattern of circumstantial activity will lead us to be falsely incriminated, or to suffer administrative penalties that don’t even require any actual indictment…

    It’s not just the government that we need to watch here; the phone companies themselves routinely store call and location data from your phone, aggregate it, and sell it to third parties…

    And as for reining in the data-gathering activities, I’m a bit sceptical that blocking the NSA’s routine court-monitored requests will go very far towards curtailing their other mind-boggling data-harvesting efforts… 

    The architecture had already been defined; the telecoms corporations and the government can learn whatever they want about you, and there was no way to undo what had been built. So, I asked, how did he plan on protecting himself against America’s crusade against WikiLeaks? He didn’t, he said. He had a family to consider. He’d dropped out.

    tags: surveillance NSA FBI data 2013 USsecurity

  • In June 1963 a young Soviet worker became the first woman to travel into space. Valentina Tereshkova rarely talks about her mission, so to tell the story of how she became a national hero and an icon for gender equality, Lucy Ash visited her home town, starting at the textile factory where she worked.

    tags: ValentinaTereshkova spaceflight astronaut USSR biography history-technology

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