Samir’s Selection 02/17/2013 (a.m.)

  • ” Like most documentary technology, the use of Vine will likely encourage users to “see” potential Vines in their experience just as a camera encourages users to “see” potential photographs. But what do we make of this new frame by which we are prompted perceive? That depends, I think, on the degree to which users become self-aware of the medium, the possibilities it creates, and the constraints it imposes.
    Reality is always out there; certain aspects are apparent to us, certain aspects are concealed. New technologies may reconfigure what is revealed and what is concealed to us. Slow-motion film, for instance, does not create a new reality; it alters perception and thereby reveals previously concealed dimensions of reality.

    tags: technology socialmedia perception Vine MartinHeidegger philosophy

  • “Neckties, identity and the dilemmas of the outsider – what happens when a New Englander moves to his wife’s native country?”

    tags: Norway cultureclash migration exile parenting

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